Redding Revival Community Vision


Redding Revival Community is the beginning of a vision that Kristy Tillman (assistant to Bill Johnson and Dann Farrelly) has had for many years after living in an intentional community in Cairo, IL. It was here that she experienced the benefits of a spiritual community that shared resources, fellowship and encouragement, becoming a covenant family. The vision is more than just providing housing for students, but to work to become a family of revivalist who live together, play together, eat together, pray together pursue the Kingdom together, practice generous hospitality and support each other as the body of Christ.


The community will host regular common meals (monthly), community celebrations, social gatherings and a weekly homefire group as an outreach to our neighbors. The desire is to be a manifestation and witness of God’s love and present kingdom, as though we have been seated at His banqueting table where all are invited and loved. Participation in these activities is not required and wholly optional, but please realize that we are hoping and looking for people that have a vision to build community with us.


Together we will explore what it means to be intentional with each other, our “greater community” of friends and family, our neighbors and with the city of Redding.

Office Location Address


12465 Intermountain Road

Redding, CA 96003

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Fair Housing Statement

Though Redding Revival Community is designed in function to meet the special housing needs of college students, we do not discriminate between race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex and family status. All of our units are available equally to all such classes of people and we regularly make it possible for families and singles, all nationalities, color and religions to rent in our community. More Information Click Here.