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We are hiring for our spring & summer team!

Redding Revival Community is a team of Revivalists whose goal is to create a place of peace, where God's Presence can rest on all of our guests.
We are looking for 4-6 amazing and joyful people to join our summer team.  Temporary contract positions available from April - early September.  We have 20+ rentals that we rent out on a weekly and monthly basis and our team services these rentals and the guests who stay with us.

Hospitality Coordinator and Team Leader


Part-time starting mid-April to May increasing to full-time June- August.


Redding Revival Community is a team of revivalists whose goal is to create a place of peace, where God's presence can rest on all of our guests. We have 20+ rentals that we rent out on a weekly, monthly, and some on a nightly basis.



Our mission is to serve and take care of guests well and the Hospitality Coordinator helps to make that happen. As well as helping to cover the normal cleaning/make ready's, the coordinator will serve as the team leader, helping to coordinate cleaning, make ready housing and keeping linens and make ready supplies stocked, handling emergency calls from guests, and in general making sure that we as a team are excelling in all areas. 


The Hospitality Coordinator should be skilled in both people/team management and customer service, have an eye for detail and able to clean one day and do administration the next. Must be dependable and able to work unsupervised.  Hospitality Coordinator position is full time and is compensated $15+ per hour, TBD based on experience and skill for administration, scheduling, guest hospitality.  We offer merit pay increases throughout the summer based on guest reviews and exceptional work. This is a 1099 contract labor position and does not include benefits.

We are now accepting applications and interviews for this position.  This position will begin as part-time in April and will be full time during June-August. Qualified applicant must be available full time during June-August.  This position requires a car, cell phone, and ability to work on the weekends and on-call in the evening for emergency calls from guests.


Employees are responsible for providing their own cleaning supplies. Team members must have reliable transportation and a cellphone.


If you are interested in applying for a position with us please apply using this link.

House Cleaner and Make Ready
We will be hiring 2-3 house cleaners and make ready team members.  We are looking for skilled, efficient and detail-oriented cleaners who are dependable and can work unsupervised.  We have 20+ rentals that are rented out on a nightly or weekly basis and our cleaning/make ready team is responsible for going into the homes after guests leave and making the home clean and ready for the next guests.  This includes a full cleaning of the home - bathrooms, kitchen, floors, laundering linens and making beds.
Team members are paid per hour,  and those who are skilled and efficient make from $14-20 per hour.  Opportunities for extra hours are available for special projects, new apartment setups, and move-outs.  Team members must be available 11am-4pm at least 4 or more days a week and at least 3-4 weekend days a month, as this is when most of our make-ready's are scheduled.  This is a 1099 Contract Labor position and employees are responsible for bringing their own cleaning supplies.  Team members must have reliable transportation and a cellphone.
Maintenance, Landscaper, Outdoor Projects and Make Ready

Redding Revival Community is looking to hire someone part-time 15-20 hours a week to oversee landscaping, outdoor projects, maintenance, general helps, etc. This position has the possibility of being year-round, part-time work and hours can work with BSSM schedule during the school year. We have around a dozen homes that we maintain and do projects on.


We are looking for someone who is a jack of all trades, able to do minor electrical (install new light, ceiling fan, plug, etc) plumbing (fix leaky or clogged toilet or sink, change faucet) general repairs (fix a leg on a table, install a new deadbolt, hang up a tv, drywall repair, paint) and can maintain tools and lawn equipment (being able to keep them in condition and running).  Successful candidate must have a car, cell phone, be dependable and able to work unsupervised. $15+ per hour based on skill and experience.

Characteristics of the ideal candidate:


Enjoy physical work and working outdoors


Available 3-4 mornings/early afternoon (before it gets too hot)


Physically able and healthy enough to work outdoors in the Redding heat


Able to lift at least 50 lbs


Skilled/experienced with maintaining landscaping for residential homes - mowing, trimming, edging, mulching, pruning, cleanup, seeding, etc


Ability to use and keep running (minor maintenance of) lawn equipment (mowers, weed eaters, edgers, etc)


Dependable, good work ethic and initiative, able to work independently and organized enough to work through a list of projects and get a job done from beginning to end

Able to do minor repairs on electrical, plumbing and repairs


Some experience or aptitude in maintaining and doing minor repairs to irrigation systems a plus

We will provide a small covered trailer stocked with equipment needed to do the job.  


You will need to have a dependable vehicle with a hitch to transport equipment.

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