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First thing to note is that you are applying to live at Pepper Tree and not a specific apartment. So on the application you will choose Pepper Tree as your preferred choice. Now that doesn't mean you can't request a certain apartment that you might be drawn to, but for us, the most important thing is to put you with the right people. We love creating little families of students that will enjoy living together and we work hard to help find God's best fit for you while you are attending BSSM. We often have students say that their roommates were the best part of their year! That is music to our ears! So if you don't have any idea who you are going to live with - don't worry - we've got you covered. 


Now if you have people that you know you want to live with already, that works too! On the application, there is a place for you to tell us that you have roommates that you want to live with and their names. We are often able to put groups of roommates in the specific unit they are requesting or to recommend the best fit for your group.


  • First step - application

  • Second step - pay your application fee

  • Third step - we will contact you to setup up interview (sometimes this will be individually, sometimes with others that we are recommending as your new roommates)

  • Fourth step - we will offer you housing and send info on our recommended unit and/or roommates. We will give you some time to connect with your potential roommates and confirm for yourself that this feels like a good fit and that you want to proceed.

  • Fifth step - we will send you a housing agreement for you to read and sign

  • Sixth step - you will pay security deposit and first months payment

  • Final step - we will send confirmation that we have received everything and your housing is all set




Office Location Address


1519 Whistling Drive

Redding, CA 96003

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Fair Housing Statement

Though Redding Revival Community is designed in function to meet the special housing needs of college students, we do not discriminate between race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex and family status. All of our units are available equally to all such classes of people and we regularly make it possible for families and singles, all nationalities, color and religions to rent in our community. More Information Click Here.