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We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to make deposit and rent payments online. Wether you are paying by debit card, check, checking account, ACH, bank transfer or credit card, there is an option for you.

Pay by Debit Card with the Square Cash App


This is my all time favorite way to pay.  It's so easy, secure and completely free!!


Use your phone to send cash using your debit card.  All you need in hand is your debit card and your phone.  What you need to know is my cash tag #kristytillman.


Click here to get the app

Chase Quick Pay


It's just like paypal - but free.  


To use Chase Quick Pay you do have to register, but once this is completed you can send money directly from your bank account to mine, and they never charge you a fee.


What you need to know:  Send to my email


Click here to signup and get started.



If you are wanting to pay by credit card, Paypal is your best option.  Please be aware that Paypal does charge a fee to pay by credit card (typical 2.75% of total) and that you are responsible to pay this fee.


What you need to know: Send to my email


Click here to go to the Paypal website.

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