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Volunteer Team
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Multiple Locations to Choose From.
Pepper Tree, Canby Road, Park West,
College View, Kings Cottage,
Woodcliff Estates, Ansley Court,
Derby Lane and Simpson Dorms


As a former BSSM student myself, I am quite familiar with having to move to Redding not knowing where I would live. Then having found a place to live, going about the process of making that house a home. Finding furniture, appliances and cookware all within my budget was not always easy and very time consuming.  And then arranging for everything to get moved to the house, wow, it was quite the ordeal at times.


With this in mind, and having watched others over the last decade struggle, especially those moving internationally, I began to wish that there was some way I could help make the transition easier. It was this desire that helped birth the Redding Revival Community. In 2014, God opened a door for me to partner with the Pepper Tree Apartments and help to arrange and set up 4 different apartments and 2 homes, fully furnished and equipped and ready for students to move into. My hope was that these students would arrive into town not having to worry about all the details of setting up a home, but instead could come into a warm, inviting, comfortable place that would be their safe and peaceful place while they were pursuing more of God and his Kingdom.  Since then, our little community has grown to include over 40 apartments/homes and the Cooper dorm at SimpsonU where over 200 students find their home with us. 



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