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In 2019 Bethel made an agreement with Simpson University to lease and renovate 2 of the residence hall dorms on Campus in order to build a vibrant and dynamic BSSM Housing Community. This past school year has been amazing! Simpson University has a beautiful campus two miles from Bethel Church. Its residence halls are designed to accommodate two students to a room who share a common bathroom with the adjoining room. There are also a limited number of private rooms and options for couples w/out children to live on Campus. 


BSSM housing at SimpsonU is especially easy for international students as it offers a fixed cost of living to report to immigration and does not include the hassle of renting an apartment, finding a roommate, setting up and paying utilities, and even buying and preparing food.


● Community: Enjoy a rich, diverse community of students from all over the world as you live together on this beautiful campus.


● MealS: The Simpson Cafeteria provides 3 meals a day, 7 days a week except during certian holidays. The cafeteria is closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring break.  



We have two payment options available for our BSSM students. Please see the following pages for more information on these two pricing options. Note: all prices are in USD.


● Option #1 – Yearly Plan

The first option is a full payment of room and board upfront. This is a hassle-free option which allows peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to make monthly payments. It’s also great for international students, who can show immigration that they have their rent paid for ahead of time.


● Option #2 – Monthly Plan

The second option is our monthly payment plan. This plan requires the equivalent of one month's rent and meal plan and all of the necessary deposits upfront. With this plan, the rent is due on the 1st of every month. If you are late with your payment past the 5th of the month, there is a $25 fee.

"I highly recommend the Simpson housing option for first year BSSM students. The students share a separate, common lounge area with refrigerators and full kitchen access and they quickly become a family. Simpson has truly created a space for BSSM students that fosters the culture of Bethel. With nights of worship and prayer, group homework sessions, movie nights, ministering to visiting family or just needing to talk through what the Holy Spirit is doing in her life, my daughter never felt alone, always had positive support, and would say that her BSSM Simpson family will be family for life." 
 — Brenda

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